Budget Performance & Changes

General Budget Change (GBC)

The KFS General Budget Change module enables authorized users to submit Budget Changes and Amendments in Sub Fund Group CU. This module has replaced WEBBA.BUDCHG for Budget Changes and Paper Forms for Budget Amendments. The General Budget Change process also allows Patient Care Sub Fund Groups for those Departments that use them.

Routing — Budget Changes go straight to Final as they do in WEBBA.BUDCHG. Budget Amendments are routed to the Comptroller’s Office for approval.

Requesting Access

The Senior Business Officer needs to request access for appropriate staff members through the KEW User Access Request Form. Training is not required for General Budget Change.

General Budget Change User Support

General Budget Change Role

 Role Name  Description  Role Type
GBC Departmental User
Role #131241
Namespace: KFS-FP
This role enables a user to initiate a General Budget Change eDoc for BCCH and BCAM general budget changes. Default

  • Assigned to the user individually.
  • Listed under Roles on Membership tab in the user’s KIM profile.