Internal Billing

Internal Billing captures transactions that occur when two departments exchange goods or services. This module replaces Internal Paper requisitions and the Service Center Lien System. Internal Billing can record one-time-only requisitions as well as blanket requisitions.

Overview of Internal Billing Process

The receiver of a service uses an eDoc to initiate an internal billing request with a predefined amount (and optional pre-defined overage amount). The service center receives the eDoc for review and approval. A lien is created on the department account upon service center approval. After rendering the service, the service center can use Internal Billing Journal Vouchers to relieve the lien and to charge the department. The Internal Billing Journal Voucher is designed to operate like a General Journal Voucher. Service Center numbers are derived from the Journal Voucher numbers.

Internal Billing Roles

  • Internal Billing Requisition Initiator: Initiates and submits Internal Billing Requisitions
  • Service Center Approver: Reviews and approves Internal Billing Requisitions
  • IBJV initiator: Initiates Internal Billing Journal Voucher that is used to relieve lien and charge department accounts. Refer to General Journal Voucher Initiator role.
  • IBJV Approver: Approves the Internal Billing Journal Voucher. Refer to General Journal Voucher approver roles.
  • IBR Equipment Management Group: Group consists of approvers who need to approve the Requisition eDoc for use of equipment management object codes for purchases over $5000
  • IBJV Initial Comptroller: Initial Approver from the Comptroller’s office
  • IBJV Final Comptroller: Final Approver from the Comptroller’s office

Internal Billing User Support

Internal Billing Service Center Information

Internal Billing Training

Departmental User (mandatory)

Designated Internal Billing Requisition Department users must complete a brief, online course in Trojan Learn. To access the course, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Trojan Learn with your USC username and password.
  2. Search for the “Internal Billing Requisitions for Department Users” online course.
  3. Click on the course title, then click “Request.”
  4. Launch the course from your Transcript.
  5. Complete the course by viewing all pages.
  6. Print your course completion certificate and forward it to your business office.

Internal Billing User Role

 Role Name  Description  Role Type
IBR Document Initiator
Role #131517
Namespace: KFS-FP
This role enables a user to initiate and submit an Internal Billing Requisition eDoc in KFS. Default

  • Assigned to the user individually.
  • Listed under Roles on Membership tab in the user’s KIM profile.

Additional Information and Resources