Kuali Journal Vouchers

Kuali JVs are used to record miscellaneous financial transactions, including interdepartmental income, external income, transfers between accounts, receivables, payables, gifts and investments.

  • Financial Main Menu > Transactions > Financial Processing > General Journal Voucher

Import Template: allows spreadsheets to be uploaded with accounting line detail

Please note: Some system to system data transfers (feeder JVs) may appear on the General Ledger transaction details as JV transactions. However, because such eDocs are system-generated and often very large files, users cannot open those eDocs.

The Kuali JV process may be used for:

  • expense transfers within the same fiscal year
  • fund balance transfers
  • non-mandatory transfers (cover overdrafts, credit ID income)

The Kuali JV process may NOT be used for budget changes, modifications or amendments.

Routing for finalized JV’s:

  • JVs have an initiator and one or more approvers (initiators cannot approver their own JVs).
    • All approvers have ability to “send it back” one level or to initiator.
    • Initiator can re-submit corrected JVs by clicking “APPROVE” button.
  • May have up to 5 approval nodes (more than one approval node is not recommended except under special circumstances).
  • Each approval node has one or more approvers assigned.
  • Each person in the initiator and approval nodes will receive all actions in their Action List.  When an initator / approver completes a routing action, the item is removed from all of the appropriate Action Lists.
  • After final departmental approval, JVs are routed to the Comptroller’s Office, except for SPA JVs which route first to SPA, then to the Comptroller’s Office.

Kuali JV eDoc / document information:

Document Overview
Description enter the main purpose of the document; this text will be used to identify the eDoc in G/L inquiry, standard reports, action list and document search.
Explanation allows you to include a more detailed explanation.
Org. Doc # not used by USC at this time.
Financial Document Detail
Total Amount display only; this field is updated when the document is submitted successfully.
JV Number
  • JV numbers are assigned by the Comptroller’s Office.
  • Each number corresponds to a specific type of transaction in a specific department at the university.
  • JV Number entry causes system to return Description and Department Name.
  • At the same time, KFS checks that the initiator is authorized to use the JV Number entered.
Journal Voucher Details Journal Voucher Details tab is unique to the JV document.
It allows you to verify the Accounting Period and use a radio button to identify the document as an Accounting Entry Document or SPA Accounting Entry Document.
Accounting Lines
Accounting Lines Accounting information for a financial transaction is entered on the Accounting Lines tab. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
Supporting Documentation Supporting documentation is included as attachments. Scanned copies of originals must be attached for approvers to review.  Attachments can be 20MB in size, and formatted as PDF, WORD (.doc), TEXT (.txt), or images (.jpg or .tif).  Anyone with access to eDoc can view attachments.

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