KFS Inquiries and Lookups

The Kuali Financial System (KFS) includes several pre-defined search processes, including General Ledger balance inquiries and Chart of Accounts lookups. Some of these search processes can be utilized by all users, and others are only available to users who have been assigned the necessary access rights. Authorized users can utilize the balance inquiries to view current balance information from the General Ledger for specified accounts, including actual amounts posted, pending entries, and other transactional data. While many inquiries can be (and currently may need to be) made in the existing financial system, WebBA, KFS Inquiries will soon become the only available system for general ledger balances and transaction detail.

Uses of KFS Inquiries

KFS Inquiries Overview

  • Inquiry types include Available Balances, Available Balances by BCG, General Ledger Balance, and General Ledger Entry
  • Drill-down links from summary totals to the supporting details
  • Links to KFS eDocs where appropriate
  • Optional output to Excel spreadsheet and PDF on all inquiries
  • Search options on some key fields
  • Option to include pending items from KFS, not just posted transactions

Available Balances

  • Sorts rows by Object Code
  • Has all the totals required to get to the available balance of the specified account:
    • Budget
    • Total actuals (debits and credits)
    • Encumbrance amounts

Available Balances by BCG (Budget Control Group)

  • Same as the Available Balances inquiry, but it sorts the object codes in budget control group order with subtotals by budget control group

General Ledger Balance

  • Displays only one balance type at a time, but includes all months in the fiscal year and the totals

General Ledger Entry

  • Displays only one fiscal year period at a time and/or one balance type at a time

Sufficient Funds

  • Displays an account’s “Budget Balance Available” or “Direct Cost Budget Balance,” subtotaled into different control groups and categories

Account Lookup

  • Enables any user to look up any account, regardless of account-specific permissions

Chart of Accounts Lookups

USC Account Lookup

  • Enables users to look up detailed information for accounts they are authorized to access

Object Code Lookup

  • Enables any user to look up details associated with any Object Code

Account Type Codes and Balance Type Codes

Requesting Access to KFS Inquiries

  • To request access to KFS Inquiries, please speak to your departmental Senior Business Officer so that access can be granted to the appropriate accounts for your business needs. Information on access to the Kuali Financial System can be found here.

Supporting Material