Access to KBC

Access is limited to Kuali Budget Construction to the following roles.

BC Processor

This role is usually assigned to the SBO or their designated person who will be responsible for inputting and approving/balancing all of the budget data in KBC. This includes use of all of the data entry screens and import of GL budget data. This role also controls the locking and unlocking of records and the final pull-up to approve and close the budget. Due to the extensive permissions assigned to this role, only one BC processor should be assigned per 5-digit org code. To request the BC processor role, complete the standard Kuali user access request edoc in Kuali (workflow menu). Use the selection “other” and specify “BC processor” and the 5-digit org code for that role in the description. All access requests require approval of the SBO.

Fiscal Officer

This is a role already established in Kuali, and is not exclusive to KBC. This role cannot be delegated for KBC. The fiscal officer can enter account detail budgets using the budget document or can import the account detail budgets using the GL import process. Access to KBC budget edocs is derived from the KFS chart of accounts fiscal officer role by account.