KFS Beginner Guide

If you’re just getting started with Kuali Financial, or are new to budgeting and accounting at USC, we recommend that you allocate an hour or two to review three modules that have been designed to familiarize you with the systems.

You will likely need to follow up with additional training modules for specific processes, but these will give you the background you need. Start with Kuali 101, then review the Kuali Balance Inquiries course, and finally Reading and Reconciling the ASR.

Kuali 101 

This eLearning module provides an overview of the Kuali Financial Systems. It is designed to prepare USC staff who will be using Kuali to perform financial transactions.

Kuali Balance Inquiries

Balance Inquiries provide the most up to date information to track your account balances. They also provide the capability to drill through to open an edoc from a transaction in your account. When used together with the ASR, they can provide the detailed information needed to reconcile and verify transactions on your account. 26 minutes

Reading and Reconciling the ASR

The Account Status Report is a monthly statement of your account, that includes a summary of the budget status, a detailed list of both actual and budget transactions for the month, and a detail listing of the current encumbrances. 19 minutes

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