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The Budget Administration System, known as WEBBA, is a legacy system and is no longer the system of record for financial transactions. It has been replaced by Kuali, eMarket, and Business Intelligence. However, as a legacy system, it is currently still available to those who already have access, but no new users are being given access. No financial transactions are generated from WEBBA.

WEBBA Login: ais-sap.usc.edu

Do you need access to WEBBA?

Access to view account balances and activity is available through Kuali inquiries and in Business Intelligence (Cognos.) Most questions can be answered using one or more of the balance inquiries in Kuali, or by using the Account Status report (ASR) in Business Intelligence. Historical ASR reports are available in Business Intelligence. For specific audit issues or questions, contact your business office for assistance.

Budget Administration System WEBBA Access Forms:

Changes to Existing WEBBA Access or setting up a new user. Requests must be attached to a Kuali user access request edoc, and justification from the Senior Business Officer must be included. Subject to approval from the Office of the Comptroller.

Delete existing access or set up new user (pdf)
Add or delete accounts (pdf)

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