About the Office

Listed below are the units managed by the Comptroller’s Office, which handles various accounting & financial processes for the University:

  • The Office of the Comptroller
  • Fringe Benefits Accounting (FBA)
  • Financial System Administration (FSA)
  • Financial System Access & Support
  • University Payroll Services

The Office of the Comptroller

  • Accounting Policy & Procedures
  • Financial Reporting
  • Chart of Accounts Management
  • Budget Performance & Changes
  • Gift Funds Management
  • New Gift Accounts & Budget Changes
  • Investment, Endowment, Plant Fund & Trust Accounting
  • University Tax Accounting

Fringe Benefits Accounting (FBA)

  • Accounting for Health & Retirement Benefits Programs

Financial System Administration (FSA)

  • Journal Voucher input into KFS
  • Balancing of the Financial System
  • Month End & Fiscal Closings

Financial System Access and Support

  • Financial System Access Processing
  • Kuali Budget Construction
  • Kuali Financial System & Business Intelligence
  • Legacy Systems: WEBBA & FDL

University Payroll Services

  • Assists individual department human resource partners with questions on Payroll Policies and Procedures
  • Distributes direct deposit advice’s to each Home Department
  • Handling all Non-Resident Alien taxing for employees
  • Maintaining employee payroll records
  • Maintaining federal & state tax elections
  • Processing & distributing all payroll checks and “advice” slips to Home Departments
  • Processing & transmitting direct deposits