Related Offices

The Office of the Comptroller

Budget Performance & Changes, COA Management, KJV Process, Internal Billing

Taxation Services

Responsibilities, Tax Forms,  Additional Resources

Fringe Benefits Accounting

Contact information for Dental, Medical, Other Insurances

Financial Systems Administration

FSA responsibilities, Schedules & Deadlines, Procard Reallocation, Year & Period Codes, Fiscal Closing Memos

Payroll Services

Payroll Schedule, Forms, Policy, Q&As, Kuali Payroll Expense Transfer

Financial and Business Services

Internal FBS forms and links for Accounting, Administrative, Business & Student Services

USC Office of Budget and Planning

Mission: provides support to schools and units during the annual budgeting process, supplies salary and demographic data for various surveys such as AAUP and IPEDS, offers assistance with budget administration, performs research studies and data analyses.


Mission: is to effectively manage and ensure the University’s financial assets by minimizing risks, providing access to capital, maintaining financial flexibility, optimizing working capital, and ensuring compliance with federal and state law.

USC Employee Gateway

New Hires & Life Events, Benefits & Perks, Learn & Grow, Connect & Participate, Our Workplace, University Holidays & Policy, Benefits, TrojanLearn, Workday, Employee Help, and many more