KBC Schedule – FY 2019 Budget Cycle

Note: This schedule is preliminary and will be adjusted as more information becomes available.

February 22 – March 15

  • Senior Business Officers review their organization’s access roles for KBC and request updates, if needed.

March 15

  • KBC is open to authorized users.

March 15 – May 17

  • Budget center data entry into KBC – GL budget allocations.
  • As control budgets are approved in TBO they will be entered into KBC for reference and balancing to the allocated budgets.
  • BC Processors balance their control budgets to their allocated budgets in KBC.
  • May 15 – Recommended date for all department entries finalized and in balance.

May 15 – 17

  • Control budgets will be checked against the allocated budgets by the Office of Budget and Planning.
  • General ledger budgets will be loaded into KFS for the new fiscal year.

May 17

  • KBC closing deadline

Updated 11/14/2017