Kuali Financial System (KFS)

There are three ways to get information about using Kuali Financial System. If you’re new to USC accounting and financial processes, you may want to start with our beginner guide.

USC/FBS Kuali website

Trojan Learn

These modules take around 30 minutes (or less!), and you’ll need to provide proof of completion to access the functionality in KFS. Upon completion of the Trojan Learn online course, print or save your certificate of completion to attach to your Kuali user access request. (Need help using Trojan Learn?)

These courses are required, if applicable.

  • Internal Billing Requisitions for Department Users shows the Internal Billing component of Kuali Financials. 21 minutes
  • Kuali Budget Construction allows BC processors to update budgets for the new fiscal year. 33 minutes
  • Internal Billing for Service Center Providers, those who initiate or approve the Internal Billing Journal vouchers. 19 minutes
  • Journal Vouchers are used to correct transactions and process transfers between sub fund groups in the general ledger. 23 minutes
  • Procurement Card Reallocation is an accounting process used to change the accounts or object codes charged for procurement card transactions. It is designed for both Reallocator Reviewers and Approvers and is mandatory for anyone requesting either of those reallocation roles in KFS. 22 minutes

These courses are not required, but highly recommended.

  • Balance Inquiries
    The Balance inquiries in Kuali will provide the most up to date information to track your account balances. They also provide the capability to drill through to open an edoc from a transaction in your account. When used together with the ASR, they can provide the detailed information needed to reconcile and verify transactions on your account. 26 minutes
  • Kuali/Business Intelligence: Reading and Reconciling the ASR
    The Account Status Report is a monthly statement of your account, that includes a summary of the budget status, a detailed list of both actual and budget transactions for the month, and a detail listing of the current encumbrances. 19 minutes

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Supplemental Documentation

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Journal Vouchers